WP Business Directory Manager Version 1.8 is ready

Version 1.8 of WP Business Directory Manager is ready. Please read and heed the following before you upgrade:

Backup before you upgrade.

Version 1.8 of WP Business Directory Manager requires WordPress 3.0 and above.

Version 1.8 makes use of WordPress custom post type and custom taxonomy features. When you upgrade, the plugin will attempt to convert your previous installation to the new format. It is important to note that a clean conversion is not guaranteed. If you have a directory with numerous categories and listings that you cannot afford to have to do over manually if the conversion does not go through smoothly, you should consider sticking with the pre custom post type version of the plugin.

This is a first release of a major update. It is possible there will be bugs. If you encounter problems with the plugin please post them to the forum

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Working on WP Business Directory Manager version 1.8

Working towards releasing an update to WP Business Directory Manager in the next few weeks. Currently trying to decide how best to move to a custom post type structure. The main concern is that in mass updating current listings to change the post type to the new custom post type, errors may occur where posts that are not related to the directory also get modified due to mix-ups with the categories. So not sure yet how best to move forward.

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Where do I setup the categories for my business directory?

I want ‘Accounting,Legal,Business Other’ categories. So, I set up these names in ‘Form Fields’; and in ‘Manage Options’ ‘Directory Category IDs’ added ‘100,101,102’ (not sure what the connection is…)
Then, when I try to add a New Business and submit, I get a ‘Business Genre Required’ error.

The business directory categories are set from your WP categories page the same way you set up your normal WordPress categories. The business directory uses the categories you tell it to use, so you do not add the categories as form fields. You add your categories by going to Dashboard->Posts->Categories

Once you have added the categories you want for the business directory, you then tell the plugin the IDs of the categories to use. Please see http://businessdirectoryplugin.com/blog/2010/04/22/specifying-which-wordpress-categories-wp-business-directory-should-use/

The plugin comes with a field named “Business Genre” that is already setup to associate itself with the WP category. That means you don’t need to do anything except change the name from “Business Genre” to something else if you don’t like that name. You don’t need to and should not change anything else related to that field.

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