Regions Module

regions-worldAllow for location-based filtering of listings. Configure your site for local searching quickly and easily–instead of adding location categories (like states, cities, etc) use the Regions Module and consider the problem solved.

This module allows your businesses that list in Business Directory to be filtered by location–such as city, state, county, country and continent. You can define what regions you want to use (in any hierarchy you wish) and show convenient “quick filter” links, similar to Craigslist’s front page. Only listings relevant to the region you’ve selected will be displayed to the user, making your site even more relevant to users.

Some features of regions module:

  • Region selector (displayed at the top of the Directory and View Listings pages for users to decide where to browse)
  • Sidelist for quick-filter selection
  • Easy administration to add/remove regions, change the hierarchy, add or remove regions from the Sidelist
  • Automatic creation of Regions fields when you define the hierarchy of regions. Fields can be ordered and displayed where you wish (list view, detail view, search view, or any combination of these)
  • Searching by region added to search form
  • Region selection is constrained to regions you’ve defined when placing a listing
  • Regions can now display pages of listings by URL to show listings in a particular city/state (version 3.6+)
  • Mobile friendly! (version 3.6+)

More information and screenshots of the Regions Module are available on the Regions Documentation page.

This module requires version 3.6 of Business Directory Plugin or higher.

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