If you purchased the paypal gateway or 2checkout gateway modules and you are using version 1.8 and above…

You will need to get the payment gateway module updates if you are using version 1.8 and above and you’ve previously purchased a copy of either the PayPal gateway or the 2Checkout gateway. The gateways for version 1.7 and under will not work correctly with version 1.8 and above.

To update the version 1.8 compatible copies of the payment gateway modules please use the contact form to send a request. Please include the transaction ID from your PayPal purchase, or include the email address under which your purchase was made.

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Another problem with the plugin prompts upgrade from version 1.8.3 to version 1.8.4

Unfortunately there are still some problems with the latest major update of the plugin. This new problem was affecting new installs and prompted one user to call the plugin a messed up disaster. I can fully appreciate his frustration and sincerely apologize to anyone else who had a similar experience. You can click here to see the details of the issue

To rectify this problem I’ve had to remove the automatic creation of the business directory page and sub pages from the installation process. That means when you install the plugin for the first time you will need to go to your dashboard under the “Pages” tab and manually create the Business Directory page following the instructions included in the README.txt file.

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