Terms of Sale:  Business Directory Plugin Premium Modules

By purchasing from BusinessDirectoryPlugin.com, you are agreeing to these terms.  Please read them carefully.

  1. Your purchase of a Premium Module with Business Directory Plugin is refundable in the first 30 days, CONDITIONALLY.  Refunds for other non-technical reasons, including buyer’s remorse or for purchases older than 30 days will be refused.  Please make your selections carefully.
  2. Refunds are at our sole discretion to avoid fraudulent purchases.  To qualify for a refund, you must adhere to the following:
    1. Created at least one or more threads on the Support Forum.
    2. Followed the instructions in the thread to resolve the issue(s).
    3. Still have an unresolved technical issue at the end of the 30 days, after allowing us to help.
    4. The offer is only good for 30 days after purchase, with all of the conditions aboveRequests for refunds for older purchases OR for purchases where the buyer has NOT used technical support resources such as the forum or contact form will not be considered.
    5. REFUNDS WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED FOR ANY OF THE FOLLOWING:  Non-usage of the plugin/modules, changed your mind on the purchase, changed your direction on a project, decided to use another solution.  Please make your selection carefully!
  3. Premium Modules come with unlimited upgrades for ONE YEAR after purchase.  Upgrades and support after ONE YEAR can be extended another year by purchasing a maintenance license for the module at 25% of the current cost.  As we release modules, we will notify you of any upgrades you are entitled to.  Please read our full module support policy for more details.
  4. Premium Modules are supported through the Support Forum.  All questions should be directed there.
  5. Premium Modules carry the same warranty as the Free Plugin.  That warranty limits our liability for loss of your data and website functionality.  We will do everything in our power to avoid such events, but if they happen, we are not liable for your losses.  Please make regular backups of your data to protect yourself.
  6. These terms are absolute.  If you do not agree to them, you cannot purchase a Premium Module from Business Directory Plugin.

If you have any questions, please Contact Us BEFORE purchasing any modules.  Questions answered after purchase do not qualify you for refunds.