How to add Categories to your Business Directory using WP Business Directory Manager?

This tutorial is for Version 1.8 and above. If you are using version 1.7 and under please see and/or

Adding categories to the Directory Version 1.8 and above

Adding categories to the Directory works similarly to the way you add categories to your normal WordPress Blog. The steps to take:

1. Access your Dashboard

2. Look for the Directory section in the menu. It should have been added when you activated the plugin. Click for visual example

3. If it is not opened to reveal the sub menu options, Click on “Directory” to see the sub menu options. Click for visual example

4. You should see under “Directory” the options:

  1. Add New
  2. Categories
  3. Tags

5.  Click on Categories. This page works the very same as the “Categories” link under “Posts”. Your Directory Categories will work the same as your Post Categories only they are separated from your post categories so they will not create any conflicts between your Directory posts and your normal WordPress posts.

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