Information about the changes to WP Business Directory Manager as of Version 1.8

Version 1.8 of WP Business Directory Manager makes use of WordPress 3.0+ custom post types. The way the plugin works has been completely changed to use custom post types. When you upgrade to version 1.8 it will convert your previous installation to the new format. The new format conversion is not guaranteed to work 100% so you are very strongly advised if you have listings in your directory presently to export those listings in case you might need to re-add them manually.

Plugin now uses a custom post type for posts related to the directory

Plugin now uses a custom category taxonomy for categories related to the directory

Plugin now uses a custom tags taxonomy for tags related to the directory listings

Plugin now allows for better integration with your theme. See the “Usage Doc” section for information on how to customize your theme to use the plugin functions.

Bug related to “Manage Fees” has been fixed. This bug resulted in admin being told payments were not turned on even though payments were in fact turned on.

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