Links in business directory textarea fields not clickable

Well here is my problem when the information from the directory is displayed to the users the link is not clickable.
For example instead of having <a href=”“></a> it is displayed

In your directory samples you put on your website links are appearing fine for a company listing page, but in my case they are not, i wonder then how can I activate the link and make it clickable.

Currently if you add links in your text area fields in the format that link will not be clickable. If you want users to provide a URL that will be clickable the better option is to create a field for that specifically. The plugin will make the URL clickable if it validates as a URL, but a URL that comes in as part of a non-url string will not validate and therefore will not be clickable.

If you have URLs in text fields and you need to make them clickable you will have to manually modify some files for now until an update is released. I will make the links in text clickable for the next update but I don’t have a time frame for the release of the next update so you need to do it manually in the meantime

Files you will need to edit

  1. plugins/wp-buisness-directory-manager/posttemplates/wpbusdirman-single.php
  2. plugins/wp-buisness-directory-manager/posttemplates/wpbusdirman-index.php
  3. plugins/wp-buisness-directory-manager/posttemplates/wpbusdirman-category.php

<a href=”<?php the_permalink(); ?>”><?php the_excerpt(); ?></a>

<?php $wpbusdirman_the_excerpt=get_the_excerpt(); ?>
<?php $wpbusdirman_the_excerpt=preg_replace(“/(http://[^s]+)/”,”<a rel=”no follow” href=”$1″>$1</a>”,$wpbusdirman_the_excerpt);?>
<?php echo $wpbusdirman_the_excerpt;?>

<a href=”<?php the_permalink(); ?>”><?php the_content(‘ ‘); ?></a>

<?php $wpbusdirman_the_content=get_the_content(); ?>
<?php $wpbusdirman_the_content=preg_replace(“/(http://[^s]+)/”,”<a rel=”no follow” href=”$1″>$1</a>”,$wpbusdirman_the_content);?>
<?php echo $wpbusdirman_the_content;?>

It is recommended that you only attempt to apply the fix it you know how to edit PHP. If you’re not confident you can make the change without breaking the script please wait for the update.

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