Version 1.8 issues with converting directory listings to the directory custom post type

I’ve released another quick update to the plugin, Version 1.8.1 in order to correct some problems with version 1.8. If you are going to upgrade I ask again that you backup your data first. Upgrading to Version 1.8 and above from a previous version involves an attempt on the part of the plugin to convert your directory listings to the new custom post type. This attempt somethings goes awry and the plugin converts posts that are not directory listing posts. Someone had all their posts converted so they essentially ended up with zero[0] normal posts.

If the above has happened to you, please uninstall the plugin then go to your phpmyadmin and run the following query:

UPDATE wp_posts set post_type=’post’ WHERE post_type LIKE ‘%wpbdm%’;

That should restore all your posts to the normal post type. If you don’t know how to do this please contact me for assistance.

If you didn’t upgrade using version 1.8 then you should hopefully not have that problem with version 1.8.1, but you might have to manually convert your directory posts as 1.8.1 is still not guaranteed to complete the conversion.

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