How to Configure BD for Paid Listings

Configuring BD to run with Paid listings

You can run Business Directory Plugin as a PAID directory or a FREE one. We do not require that you have a payment gateway to run BD. By default, we have the payment mode active because that’s the most popular option. However, you can easily turn this off and change to Free mode. If you want to continue with paid listings, a few more settings need to be made to complete the process:

  1. You need to have at least one payment gateway installed. You can use the default ( or you can purchase one of the others (2Checkout, Stripe, PayFast, PayPal) from here:
  2. You need to configure that payment gateway under Directory Admin->Manage Options, Payments tab. You should have the “Activate XXX” checked where XXX is the gateway you installed on step 1. You should enter all the required info for that gateway as well (e.g. For PayPal, you need the PayPal email). Learn more about how to activate Payment Gateways.
  3. You need to define at least one Fee plan under Directory Admin->Manage Fees. (Paid listings) Learn more about how to Configure Fee Plans

Once these are configured, you can enable Sticky/Featured Listings AND offer Paid Listings on your site. It’s best to test with a sandbox/test account to ensure everything is working smoothly first.  Please note your testing will require a “buy side” account and a “sell side” account, as no payment gateway will let you buy and sell with the same account.

And finally, once you are finished testing, you’ll want to make sure your payment gateways are NOT in test mode. Go under Directory Admin->Manage Options, Payment tab and uncheck “Put payment gateways in test mode?” to go to production.

How to Fix the “Payments Turned Off” Error

If you see the following:
I keep getting this message on the main page on the public website, “You are offering featured listings (or paid listings) but have payments turned off. Go to Manage Options – Payment to change the payment settings. Until you change this, the (Paid Listings) Upgrade to Featured option will be disabled.”

How do I make this go away?

This message is telling you that you need to complete the Payment configuration to get Business Directory to accept payments for listings/charge for Featured listings OR to deactivate payments for BD.

You have two options here:

  1. You can EITHER turn OFF payments (make your directory free–which we talk about here)
  2. If you want to accept payments, do the steps above

If you’d prefer to run your directory in “free mode” and not charge for listings, we have steps on how to do that here.