What to configure first with BD

Initial Setup

After installing Business Directory, you will see two new sections added to your WP Admin panel (usually on the middle or lower left side):

The Directory menu of the Admin Dashboard is where you perform basic operations with listings, such as creation, editing, deletion of listing, creation, editing, deletion of categories, or creation, editing or deletion of tags.

The Directory Admin menu is ONLY visible to administrators. It contains operations to manage the internal data of your directory, along with specific admin-level functions like Uninstall and Import.

IMPORTANT:  Business Directory will install a short code on a page created by Business Directory during installation.  This page is important and should not be hidden, made private, or deletedIt is the primary page that BD uses to display your directory on your site.

What to Do Next

You will want to configure the following parts of Business Directory to get your directory underway:

  1. Configure your Form Fields to define the fields for your listings and what data you’ll use
  2. Configure your categories to define how listings are organized
  3. Configure your directory to accept paid listings (if you plan to sell listings) or switch to free mode (if you don’t)
  4. Configure Regions (if you want to use that)
  5. Import any initial listings via CSV, if desired
  6. Configure any miscellaneous settings, such as Registration, Featured Levels, Ratings, or Maps

If you’re confused about what all the settings are for, we have a great Video Tutorial on our Admin Panel to help you through it.