Importing or Exporting Data with BD

Business Directory Plugin currently allows imports from CSV files, that are properly formatted.

Full import instructions will walk you through how to get a sample CSV file, what to do before you import, and the options available during import as well.

Business Directory Plugin also supports CSV exports as well.  Our export documentation will walk you through the available options as well.

Business Directory Plugin also have a migration plugin that allows you to move data between sites (e.g. a staging site to a production site) while keeping all of your settings around.

When should I use Import/Export vs. the Migration Plugin?

Good question!  The answer depends on what you’re trying to accomplish.

If you want to import initial data into the directory:  Use CSV Import

If you want to do bulk editing of listing data after you’ve created listings:  Use CSV Export (to get the data out) and then CSV Import (to put the data back in afterward)

If you want to move you data from one site to another, including settings and categories:  Use the Migration Plugin.