Installing Business Directory

Installing Business Directory Plugin is a simple process.  If you’ve installed WordPress plugins before, this is super easy.  And if not, it’s still not hard.

Installing the Core Plugin (Business Directory Plugin)

To install Business Directory from the repository, start by visiting your Plugins section of your WP admin panel:

Enter “Business Directory” into the search box, click on “Search Plugins”. This will bring up the Business Directory Plugin install screen.

Click on “Install Now”. WP will prompt you with “Are you sure?” Click OK. After the download is complete, click on “Activate Plugin”.

Business Directory is now installed and ready to configure.

Installing Premium Modules

When you purchase a module, you receive a download link in your email after purchase. This will allow you to download a ZIP file. The ZIP you download is a full WP plugin. The installation instructions are inside of the plugin, and here as well:

Upload the ZIP as a plugin via the MANUAL process. From the WordPress admin panel

  • Go to Plugins->Add New,
  • Click on the “Upload” link, and then click on Browse Now to locate the ZIP file you just downloaded.
  • Click OK once you find it on your local computer
  • Click the Install Now button to start the process.
  • After the installation completes, click the “Activate Plugin” link to turn on the module

NOTE: Each premium module requires that you activate it with a License Key.  Here are full instructions on how to activate a BD license key.

After you install the plugin, you’re ready to Configure Business Directory settings.