Business Directory supports the following payment gateways:

  1. (included in the Core Plugin)
  2. PayPal
  3. Stripe
  4. PayFast (South Africa only)

Installing Payment Gateways AIM comes with the core Business Directory plugin. No installation is required.

Sign up for

Sandbox or Merchant account

Sandbox information

You will need to go to sandbox and sign up for a sandbox account in order to use test mode with the gateway. It's recommended to use test mode if you just started your directory to make sure payments work as should before you accept real payments, then find out there's an issue.

Merchant information

Sign up for an merchant account or login if you already have a merchant account. Make sure test mode is turned off when using merchant credentials.

Configuring Gateway

  1. Go to Directory → Settings → Payment
  2. Click on the sub-tab
  3. Click the toggle button to activate the gateway
  4. Log into your sandbox account for test mode or your merchant account for live payments.
  5. Click the Account tab from your account home page. Account Tab
  6. Click API Credentials & Keys (under Security Settings). API Login ID
  7. Copy your API Login ID and paste it into your Login ID setting.
  8. Navigate back to your account API Credentials & Keys page.
  9. Select New Transaction Key and Submit to get a Transaction Key. Secret Answer
  10. Copy the new Transaction Key and paste it to your Transaction Key setting. Transaction Key
  11. (Optional, but recommended) Put the payment gateways in test mode. Uncheck this when done testing!
  12. Change your currency, if applicable
  13. Change currency display options, if you want
  14. Turn on the abandoned cart emails, if desired
  15. Save settings
  16. Create one or more Plans
  17. You’re ready to test payments. Logout as Administrator and attempt to place a listing–verify that it goes through. Payments will not be taken if you are logged in as the administrator!
IMPORTANT: Once you’re done testing, be sure to Uncheck “Put gateways in test mode” so you can accept real payments.
(Recurring Payments): supports recurring payments.

Once correctly configured, your payment options and configuration will look like this (production mode):

Your Login ID and Transaction Key should be different, of course. The remaining settings including currency code and currency code placement are left up to you, depending on your preferences and needs. You can configure these under Directory → Settings → Payment → General Settings here:

You can also configure payment reminders for those who attempted to place a listing, but never complete the process (“Abandoned Cart Emails”):

And lastly, if you have the Discount Codes module installed, you can activate whether to allow discounts for listing purchases here as well.

Now you should be ready to receive payments via!

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