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Local business directory like Yelp, Yellow Pages, or Justdial

Staff directory for employee & team listings

Member directory for church, club, or membership sites

Restaurant directory like Yelp, Zomato or Foursquare

Medical directory like ZocDoc

Tour & travel review directory like TripAdvisor

Hotel directories like Airbnb

Software review sites like Capterra, TrustPilot, or G2

Book review sites like Goodreads

A Simple Directory Plugin WordPress Users Can Rely On

Business Directory Plugin is the WordPress directory listing plugin of choice for thousands of users.

Free & Paid Submissions

Offer free listings for extra traffic or get revenue with recurring subscriptions using the most popular payment gateways.

Easy-to-Use Directory Templates

Instantly change your directory layout and style with a ton of templates to choose from.

Simple Directory Website Setup

Set up any directory with a simple platform that includes everything you need in one ultimate WordPress online directory plugin.

Get More Traffic

Use SEO-ready business directory software to create a business listings website that ranks!

Mobile Friendly Listings

Optimize your business directory website with fully responsive designs that look good on every screen.

Google Maps

Create a directory website with maps! Show map listings in search results, categories, or individual listings.

Filter by Location

Use advanced searching to get local directory listings by zip code, city, state, or country. Great for travel sites.

Rating & Reviews System

Create a review site for contractors, businesses, and providers. The ratings will display in Google search results!

Full Field Control

Make custom form fields or use existing ones like phone, location, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

What Can Business Directory Plugin do for You?

Join over 20,000 happy people using Business Directory Plugin today.

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Build Your Online Business Directory the Easy Way

If you want a simple directory website builder, Business Directory plugin has everything you need. Create a site where visitors can submit listings in no time! The best part? Zero coding required. Why get a developer when you can get the best WordPress plugin for business directories?

Need a WordPress directory plugin that allows users to submit listings and display them automatically? Look no further. This simple WP directory plugin gives you the power to create directory websites on your terms.

One Plugin, Unlimited Potential

Business Directory Plugin has all the features needed for whatever WordPress directory website you have in mind.

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What Can You Do With Business Directory Plugin?

Over the years, we've helped users build some amazing directory websites.
What will you build next?

Directory Clone Sites

Want to take on the big guys? Use our plugin to make your own Airbnb clone, a Yelp clone, or a TripAdvisor clone. Add reviews and do more than create a directory... create an entire community!

Listing Manager Services

Service providers need a place to promote their services. Create an SEO-optimized directory for plumbers, electricians, doctors, vets, and everyone in-between.

Local Directory Websites

Local directory listing sites help users find what they need in their local neighborhood. Help local businesses and earn revenue all at once.

Revenue-Generating Directories

Create multiple streams of income by selling advertisements, selling listings, or selling services on your directory website.

Build Your Directory Today

Complete your directory website in minutes.

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What Our Community is Saying About Business Directory Plugin

Your fast support and results are a breath of fresh air compared to other plugins I have had issues with. I will rant and rave about your plugin and its outstanding support! Business Directory Plugin and its suite of premium modules are going straight to the top of my favorites list!

Chris Nichols

This plugin is exactly what my client needed for their organization. Not only does it seamlessly integrate and work right out of the box, it is really simple to use and very, very flexible... The plugin is in itself complete, but the upgrades just enhance what is already a top quality plugin.


Frequently Asked Questions & Resources

Do you have a question about the Business Directory Plugin? See below for our most frequently asked questions.

Who Can Use our WordPress Directory Plugin?

Who should use Business Directory Plugin?

If you want to build any type of directory listings website, you should use Business Directory Plugin. For example, many users think building a business directory requires a specific WordPress business listings plugin - not true. Business Directory Plugin has the flexibility needed to build anything you set your mind to.

What do I need to use Business Directory Plugin?

If you have a self-hosted WordPress website, you are good to go. If you are a professional developer, you can install Business Directory Plugin on your client's WordPress sites too. For the time being, our plugin does not work on non-WordPress sites.

Do I need coding skills to use Business Directory Plugin?

100% no! With zero coding skills, you can still create powerful websites using Business Directory Plugin. We built our plugin to be equally useful for those with and without coding ability. However, if you would like to customize the layouts of your directory pages, some coding skills will come in handy.

Can I allow users both free and paid listings?

You sure can. Our plugin allows for any combination of free and paid listings. Choose to go 100% free, 100% paid, or combine both free and paid options.

How do I create a business directory in WordPress?

Creating a business directory in WordPress is no different than creating any type of directory or listings site. Collect data in the form of business listing submissions and automate the creation of business listing pages. Business Directory Plugin can be used to create any type of directory website.

How can I create a directory website in WordPress?

If you can create the pages needed to build a directory website, then you are set! It's an ambitious goal, but there are thousands of profitable directory style websites online today. if you are building one using WordPress, you can choose a directory plugin or a directory theme.

Depending on what your goals are, either one could work well. Having said that, we feel confident that Business Directory Plugin offers the flexibility to power a wide range of directory websites.

Do I need a WordPress directory theme?

No, you don't! If you want to create an online business directory website (or any directory site), Business Directory Plugin will work for you. We built it to function with any WordPress theme.

What's more, Business Directory Plugin can be used to do everything a directory theme does too. Photo uploads, adjustable banners, submission forms, and beyond.

We take pride in plugin compatibility. Our plugin will work with almost any WordPress theme available. And if you run into trouble, you can always ask our responsive support team!

Is this the best WordPress staff directory plugin?

We'll leave that for you to decide. We do have a 14-day, risk-free, money-back guarantee for anybody who wants to try our plugin. We try our best to make our plugin perfect for everyone. This includes everyone from small business owners to our bigger customers like Apple and Audi.

Can I use Business Directory Plugin as a WordPress company directory plugin?

You sure can. With Business Directory Plugin, there are built-in user registration features to streamline the creation of a company directory. You can easily generate user profiles or a profile page based on a registration form.

You can also allow employees to edit their information from the frontend or the backend of your WordPress site. If you run a large business with a lot of employees, you can install a profile search bar as well.

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