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PLEASE NOTE: Many of the websites in the showcase have created their sites using a combination of our Premium Themes and usually a variety of custom CSS.

Many of them also use our Premium version, depending on the features they need for their site  as this gives them advanced features. This includes interactive maps, the ability to have featured levels and claim listings, as well as to add file attachments for directory listings, among other things.

the center

Practical Ecommerce

My Wedding Centre

Medic Footprints

Liquid Web Partner Community

Engaged and Ready

Calgary Moms Directory

BEST DIRECTORY EVER!! (Seriously, I tried them all)
I went through several directories before finding this one... Directories that cost $40 seem like a good deal, but they are riddled with “plugin conflicts” or “theme conflicts.” I had one that claimed there was an issue with the Godaddy Server and his plugin was fine!!
Then I bought this one. It was easy to set up. Easy to import. Easy to get support (which ended up being an issue with how I was doing something and not the plugin).
Seriously, this one will save you a ton of setup time and troubleshooting due to plugin conflicts. Unless you only value your time at $5 an hour, buy this one. I’m cheap, but this was a bargain compared to the other ones I tried.


Bride and Breakfast

Black Pudding Club

Wildflower Nursery

Shared Sorrows

Visit Westerham

Balance Well-Being

Secret Wedding Blog

Tennessee Chiropractic Assn

Thoughtful and Easy to Use!
This team has built a powerful yet lean plugin that delivers LOTS of functionality and more. Amazed at what I could put together in a matter of minutes! Looking forward to future releases and more PREMIUM modules.


Waterfront Gurus

Quote London

The AdvoConnection Directory

Eco Resorts

Maine Restaurant Directory

Visit Bath

Next Generation Divorce

Cake and Lace Vendor Guide

Ink! Locations


Insurance Agent Directory

First Coast Hispanic CC

Simply the Best.
Before using Business Directory Plugin I was using another paid directory plugin that was full of promises and sweet talk.
Ever since I switched my site, World of Accommodation over to Business Directory Plugin I have been amazed at the plugin itself, the premium modules (which is well worth the money) and the quality of support Dave has to offer. His quick responses and endless dedication to solve a problem is nothing less of outstanding.


Boiler Fault Finder

Prospect Area Chamber of Commerce

Indonesian SME Company Directory

Westerly Life


Quebec Hypnosis Society

Miami, OK Chamber


Buena Vista Chamber of Commerce

Sausage Fans UK

Awesome plug-in, Amazing Support. If the plugin wasn't good enough... the support forum was fabulous. I'm not the most savvy WP person.. but their support staff was patient, kind, and responsive.


Northern Canadian Food Bank

Kids Camp Canada

Avionics Source

Insurance Agents Directory

Quilting Focus

Society for All Artists

Park Radio

Roadstop Guide

Vraaglex (Netherlands)

Neuropathy Support Network

Afekashow (Israeli)

We Heart Vintage

Small Biz Pages

Training Magazine

ACTEON Directory

Classic Friendly

Green Queen Guide to Hong Kong


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