Directory Categories Menu

Directory Categories Menu

The Directory Categories section is where you can create/edit/delete categories for your Business Directory. It functions very much like the standard WordPress categories area with a set of actions that can be performed on each listing.  It looks like this:

To see the actions, you must hover your mouse over the listing to see all available links for use.  Like this:

NOTE: The categories used by Business Directory are NOT the same ones used by your WordPress posts and pages. And similarly, ones you create here can’t see shared by your posts and pages on the site. WordPress uses a “custom post type” to distinguish BD listings from WP pages, so the categories don’t, and can’t ever, mix.

To create new categories in Business Directory, first go to the left side section of the Directory Categories page.

Next, you need to enter a category name (required) and determine whether this is a Top Level Category or a child category. If it’s a top level category, select “None” from the Parent drop down, otherwise pick the category under which this new category will belong.

After you have entered your data, click on “Add New Category” and your new category will be in the list.

To modify or update categories in Business Directory, look on the right side section for the list of existing categories, hover your mouse over the item and click “Edit”.

Actions you can perform from here:

  • Edit the category (Edit link)
  • Partially Edit the category (Quick Edit link, mostly just the title and slug)
  • Delete the category (Delete link)
  • View the listings in that category (View link)

To move a category under another category (re-parent a category), do the following:

  • Select the category you wish to move
  • Click Quick Edit
  • Change the Parent category as appropriate
  • Save the category

To delete a category, click the Delete link after hovering over the desired category with your mouse. Confirm that you wish to delete it, and then select OK. The category will be deleted.

You can perform actions on multiple rows by selecting more than one listing, and then picking the operation under “Bulk Actions” and then clicking “Apply”.

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