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How can users manage their own listings?

Business Directory Plugin has the ability for users to manage all of their listings on one screen quickly and easily.

When setting up a new listing on your site, users will receive an email with a link to their listing information. If the user keeps that email handy, the link in it will take them directly to their listing.

This feature allows users to access all of their listings quickly and easily.

New Manage Listings Button

If your users aren't seeing the Manage Listings button, you can check your settings to be sure it is turned on. To make the Manage Listings button appear, turn on the Manage Listings setting under Directory → Settings → Listings → Buttons:

Once logged into the site, users will see this button on the directory navigation page:

manage user listings button

I hear you asking — what happens when that email gets lost or misplaced?

Create an account page

The best practice here is to create a page on your site to allow users to log in and manage their listings.

To allow this to happen, create a separate page on your site and call it something like “Account access” or whatever makes the most sense for your site. Add relevant instructions or other informational text on the page as necessary.

Once you have created the page, you can then put this shortcode on the page:


Users will then be able to log in and manage their listings, and they will also see the button described above.

You must offer a way for users to log in on your site to access the Manage Listings button.

How does this help with renewals?

Renewals are also available on when you use the manage listings shortcode on the account page as well.

When you have created a way for users to log in to your site and if they want to manage or renew their listings, they can do that with the click of a button. The expired ad shows up on this page as show below.

renew listing button

Once users click on renew listing, they will be given these options:

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