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How do I add category-specific fields

Sometimes, you have more than one type of listing and you need to ask different questions for each. For example, the information you need to know about a listing in the restaurant category may be different from the information you need to know about a listing in the museum category. For these times, you can add a different set of questions that applies only to one specific category.

Setting up the questions

To do this, go to Directory → Directory Content → Form Fields and choose Add New Form Field. Under the section called Field Display Options choose Field applies to only certain categories:

Once you have that chosen, you will be given the option to choose the category/ies that the field applies to:

A good example of how you might use this would be that perhaps you want to ask about the type of cuisine offered or if reservations are required for restaurants, but for museums, you may want to ask if there are there any free nights for kids or what exhibits are currently on display.

When a new user submits a listing, the questions will be displayed based on the category they have chosen. If someone chooses Museum as the category, then they won't see the restaurant questions and vice-versa.

There are unlimited uses for this feature! We hope you find it helpful.

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