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How to embed video in your listings

How do I embed videos in my listings with Business Directory?

First and most important, in order to get a video to display, you must follow the WordPress video embedding rules (these are not controlled by Business Directory Plugin in any way).  Which means that you must:

  • Use one of the WordPress-approved sources for your video (e.g. YouTube, Vimeo, etc)
  • Use the format of the embed shortcode or tag with the appropriate parameters
  • Use this in the Description (as content) field for your listings (no other field supports it currently)

In addition to this, you must turn on Allow WordPress shortcodes in this field? and Allow IFRAME tags in this field? in the field in which you want to place the video. You can find this option under Directory → Directory Content → Form Fields and click Edit on the (as content) field.

settings to allow video in Description field

If you follow these rules, you'll be able to display videos in your listings by using an embed code.  Many of the rules are ones that we don't control and can't fix if you can't use them (for example, video from some “other” source).

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