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How to get support without account access

Support for Business Directory Plugin is limited to paid users. Our Support Policy specifies we only provide support to the license holder—the individual who purchased the license.

However, if you believe you have found a bug that can be recreated with all other plugins disabled and a default WordPress theme running, let us know. We will work on recreating the issue on our end and adding it to our to-do list whether you have an account or not.

If you have a Business Directory Plugin license set up on your site, you may be asked to sign in with the account connected to that license to receive support.

Common Examples

“This is a company account, and my boss put me in charge of development on this site. I don't know what email is associated with the site license.”

To receive support, you'll need to contact the individual who set up the account and retrieve the correct login credentials.

“A developer set up my site for me to use and installed the Business Directory Plugin. Now I'm trying to complete a project, and I need help.”

You have two choices in this scenario.

  1. You can contact the developer who set up your site and request that he/she contacts us in the Help Desk with your support question.
  2. If you would like to contact us directly through support rather than going through your developer, you'll need to contact the developer and have him/her update the account information to your email address so you can log in, or you may need to purchase your own license.

If you decide to get your own license, you will not lose your existing data as it is saved in the WordPress database and is not linked to your Business Directory Plugin license in any way.

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