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Debugging Pending PayPal payments after customer successfully pays

Problem: The status of a listing is still Pending Payment, even after the customer successfully completed the payment on PayPal.com. This problem usually occurs because PayPal is having problems communicating with your server. The first step toward finding a solution is to make sure the IPN Listener is properly configured. The IPN Listener URL for your website can be found going to Directory > Settings > Payment > PayPal (tab) settings section:

If you already setup the IPN Listener for your website or the problem persists after you followed the instructions above, please gather the following information and send it to the customer support team:

  1. Transaction Details. Find one of the payments that was completed successfully on PayPal.com and take a screenshot of the transaction deatils. Take note of the Transaction ID field. Example:
  2. Summary of IPN messages associated with the transaction ID of that payment. To get it, go to https://www.paypal.com/us/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_display-ipns-history and filter IPNs by Transaction ID using the value from the previous step. Example:
  3. Details of the last IPN message sent. To get them, click the link under the Message ID column in the table from the previous step. Example:
  4. Please also copy the content of IPN Message field from the IPN Details and send that as text (instead of a screenshot).

The support team will likely ask for Administrator access to your WordPress Admin Dashboard. Make sure to include that information as well when you report the problem.

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