Detail View Page

The Detail view page is the place where users can see all the information about a listing. Generally, this includes all images (if allowed) shown as thumbnails, social buttons, and the “primary” image shown in slightly larger size. In addition, you may also have comments, ratings and contact forms present for the listing to allow your users to interact with the business owner directly. Ratings will only be present if you have the Ratings module installed. The others are controlled under Directory → Settings → General.

Listings that are “featured” will also include a ‘Featured’ image that overlays the upper right corner of the listing.

You can see a sample listing detail page:

Not all of the fields available in that listing are shown, but you can get an idea of the difference between this and the List View page.

Fields that are marked to display “In Listing” are fields that will show up for a single listing. Fields marked “In Excerpt” or have the option checked “Include this field in the search form?” have no effect on what displays on this page.

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