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How do I do mass data changes in the plugin?

You can make changes to any information fields for a large number of listings by using the Export-Change-Re-import method.

There are two situations where you would use CSV import to create listings:

  1. Adding New Listings. If you are importing a CSV file for the first time, the main thing to keep in mind is that if you upload a new CSV each time you want to add listings, then new listings will be created. Full documentation for that is here: https://businessdirectoryplugin.com/knowledge-base/csv-import-export/
  2. Changing Existing Listings. To UPDATE  existing listings, you will need to have the Sequence ID for each listing.

The only way to get the sequence ID for a listing is to do an export from the current directory. To begin that process, go to Directory → Directory Content → Import & Export and check the box next to “Include unique IDs for each listing (sequence_id column).”

You can change and update all kinds of information using the Export-Change-Re-import method. For example, you can change plans for a large number of listings. The steps for doing this example would be:

  1. Export the listings with the Sequence ID
  2. Change the plan in the CSV file
  3. Re-import the listings.

The plan IDs are located under Directory → Directory Content → Plans.

Please note that if you are changing the plan, the listing owner should agree to the new terms of the plan. Changing the plan ID when a listing is already paying via monthly recurring charges will not change the amount they are (or are not) paying. If you wanted to do that, the listing would need to be deleted and the owner would need to agree to the new terms. Users can upgrade their listings or change their plan only at renewal, so please keep this in mind.

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