Licenses tab

This tab is where you manage ALL of the license keys for Business Directory–both modules and themes. It will only appear when a module or Business Directory theme is installed that requires a license key.

The tab appears like this when you have a module installed, with one box per module.

Authorize a Plugin

Go to your account page to get your license keys.

Copy each license key, paste them on your site, and click Authorize. You'll receive a confirmation:

The key in this case is blocked out for security reasons.  Once the key is authorized, you can click Deauthorize if you wish to move the license key to another site or domain.  Single site licenses allow you to have the license key active on a single production domain.

If your key is invalid, or you're using the wrong key for the wrong product, you'll receive a different message. Do not use the bundle license key since this is not yet supported:

If you are having trouble with your license keys, most license key issues are the result of one of the following:

  • The license key expired and you need to renew.
  • The license key has been used on more domains than it allows. To remove a site, click the Manage sites link on your Account page
  • Your local cURL library version is too out of date, and your server can't securely contact our server to authenticate the key. You can find your current cURL library version using the WordPress Tools → Site Health → Info page.

If you still have trouble, be sure to contact Support.

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