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Renewal and subscription FAQs

You may be wondering about the Business Directory Plugin and the benefits of renewing your package license. We are continually working on improving Business Directory Plugin and its add-ons, and are continually adding new features and integrations. Here are some answers to questions you may have about Business Directory Plugin subscriptions and renewing your license:

Why should I subscribe to automatic renewals?

Automatic renewal subscriptions simplify the renewal process and eliminate the need to manually renew your license every year. With automatic renewals, you don't need to worry about your license expiring or take the time to manually renew each year. In addition, if you subscribe to automatic renewals, the price of your renewal will be locked in, and if the price of renewal changes down the line, your price for the renewal will remain the same.

You will receive an email a month before the renewal to remind you about the upcoming payment. You can opt-out of automatic renewals by canceling your subscription.

What will happen if my license expires?

If your license expires, your Business Directory Plugin and modules will continue to function normally. You will lose access to plugin updates, support, and any new add-ons released after expiration.

We recommend keeping Business Directory Plugin updated to the latest version, as releases contain bug fixes, security improvements, and changes to maintain compatibility with the latest WordPress releases. Our releases also include lots of new features and improvements.

We recommend that you stay up-to-date with WordPress and any plugins on your site.

Can I let my license expire and renew after expiration?

Yes. If you prefer to renew your license after the expiration date, you can renew later. We do not penalize late renewals. Your new expiration date will be one year from the date that you renew.

You will not have access to support, plugin updates, or new add-ons in the period that your license is expired.

Can I choose to renew manually?

Yes, of course! If you prefer to renew manually, you can opt-out of automatic renewals from the billing tab under your account page.

We do not penalize manual renewals and we will send you reminder emails before your license expires.

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