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How do I make my directory SEO friendly?

Business Directory Plugin creates the needed elements for Search Engine Optimization automatically. Things like title tags, description tags, and category tags have all been created for you.

However, Business Directory can be even more powerful for your SEO strategy when you use it in combination with many WordPress SEO plugins. These plugins give you more control over the keywords and phrases you want your directory listings to be found for in the search engine results pages. More control improves your overall site SEO when used properly.

Check out our SEO Directory Guide if you haven't seen it already. If you have, or you just want to get started, we have included links below to our documentation for each of three SEO plugins.

SEO Plugins we recommend for your WordPress directory site

Unfortunately, you do have to choose one SEO plugin — you can't have them all! Since we can't say that any one of these plugins is better than the other, the recommendations below appear in no particular order. Every person will find the one they like the best and use it based on what makes the most sense in their opinion.

Plugin Documentation for Business Directory Plugin
Yoast Yoast documentation
AIOSEO AIOSEO documentation
Rank Math Rank Math documentation

It's important to note that these are just plugins, and you can go much further than using a plugin. There are tons of places where you can hire someone to do your SEO for you, which may be an option if you don't want to learn the vast field of SEO, don't have time to stay on top of things, or if you want some reassurance that you're doing the right things.

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