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Translating with Loco Translate

Loco Translate is a WordPress plugin that can help you translate your site into multiple languages. You can even use it to change any words in the plugin to say whatever you’d like! 


It is a free tool, so to install it, simply navigate to the Plugins →  Add New section of your Dashboard, type Loco translate into the search box, and install and activate it.

Plugins > Add New
Search results for Loco Translate

Once installed, just click on the Loco translate label on the bottom left of your Dashboard to get started.

Install Loco Translate

You will see the active theme and the list of installed plugins. Click on the Business Directory Plugin to translate.

Making changes to existing translation files

Business Directory Plugin comes with some language files pre-built into the plugin. If you wish to use one of these files but want to make some of your own changes then doing that is easy. Simply click on the edit option under the desired language file to make changes to it:

translation files progress

Once done, click on Save to save the changes:

translation file interface

Adding a new language file:

Go to Loco Translate →  Plugins and select Business Directory plugin.

On the next page, click New language and choose a language to translate your plugin to from a dropdown list.

Next, select the location at the Choose a location option.

Click the Start translating button after choosing the language and location for the translation files. It will get you to the translation page. Then click on the list of strings and translate them one by one.

Start translating

After you are done with translations, click Save to compile the translations! You can check your website to see the changes.

Note, you should select this language as a primary website language at the WordPress Settings →  General page for the translations to take effect.

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