How to Change Text Labels

Changing the Labels of Business Directory text

Changing the text labels for Business Directory is identical to Translating Business Directory for an entire language, except that you only need to change the strings inside the translation file that you want to change, leaving the rest untouched. This allows you a simple way to customize the labels of Business Directory without modifying the code.

To update some of the plugin’s labels, strings and messages, please follow these steps:

  1. Start with the main POT file from Business Directory Plugin (in the wp-content/plugins/business-directory-plugin/languages directory of the plugin, named business-directory-plugin.pot)
  2. Downloaded the POedit software (You can find it here)
  3. Open the file, and search for the string(s) you wish to change. Change those labels in the file.
  4. Save the file as business-directory-plugin-en_US.po on your local machine. Make sure POEdit also generated a file; you’ll have to upload both of them to your server (SEE BELOW FOR THE RIGHT LOCATIONS!). Save a copy of those files on your local machine, just in case.
  5. Upload BOTH of these new language-coded files to the wp-content/languages/plugins/ on your website’s server (if it does not exist, please CREATE this directory first).
  6. WP 4.x users only: The language of the website should be configured directly through General Settings section in the WordPress Dashboard: http://YOURSITE//wp-admin/options-general.php, where YOURSITE is replaced by the domain name of your WordPress site. Pick the correct language setting and be sure to Save Settings. For more information on doing this, see this WordPress Codex page on Installing WordPress in your Language.
  7. IMPORTANT: Be sure to flush any browser caching you have in addition to any WordPress/web hosting caching you have so that you can see your new strings.
  8. View the page in your browser that you changed–you should see your custom message there. If not, double check the steps above and make sure the caches are flushed.

NOTE: Some labels are configured elsewhere For example, all form field labels are changed by going to Directory → Directory Content → Form Fields. Some strings are also in the Directory → Settings → General → SEO and Directory → Settings → Listings → General Settings tabs as well. Please be aware of this.

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