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This hook can be used to change an “and” search to an “and/or” search. The hook actually works for both the quick search and advanced search settings, but in general, it was created especially for advanced searches that contain more search parameters.


add_filter( 'wpbdp_listing_search_parse_request', 'search_request', 10, 2 );


  • $search (array)
  • $request (array)


This example will add a ZIP search to Quick Search Bar.

function search_request( $search, $request ) {
    $field_id = intval( wpbdp_get_option( 'zipcode-field', 0 ) );

    // No quick search or integration not enabled. Nothing to do.
    if ( ! isset( $request['zipcodesearch'] ) || ! $field_id || ! wpbdp_get_option( 'zipcode-main-box-integration' ) ) {
        return $search;

    // Remove this field from search terms.
    $search = WPBDP__Listing_Search::tree_remove_field( $search, $field_id );

    // Add ZIP search.
    if ( ! empty( $request['zipcodesearch']['zip'] ) ) {
        $search[] = array( $field_id, $request['zipcodesearch'] );

    return $search;

Replace the variable $field_id with the id of the field you need to add

Search “or” instead of “and”

This example will allow you to do a listing search “or” instead of “and”

function search_request( $search, $request ) {
	$search[0] = 'or';
        return $search;

This mainly applies when searching through these fields:

  • Listing Title
  • Short Description
  • Description

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