Business Directory Plugin is run by a small 3-person team.  There’s no 300 person company behind it or army of technical support waiting breathlessly for your questions to arrive, hands poised above the keyboard quivering in anticipation of your request.

We take our product very seriously and when there’s a problem, we’re very interested in fixing it for all of our sakes.  We want you to be successful, because that makes us successful too.  So with that said, we’d like to be clear on what we can do for you.

What We Will Do

  • We will provide resources to give you ways to help yourself.  We have a support forum, and documentation, along with example sites and a working demo you can look at.  These are great places to start for getting your questions answered.
  • We will respond to your support requests in a reasonable time–be they forum or email.  For Sunday-Monday on most weeks, that means within 24 hours, you’ll hear back from us.  Weekend support is different–see What We Will NOT Do for more details why weekend support is slower.
  • We will do our best to address your issue.  It may take some time to research, dig into the code, look at your site, etc.  But we will do it.
  • We will gather all the information we need to help you.  Things go much faster when you provide details up front instead of saying “It’s broken!  FIX IT!  FIX IT!  FIX IT!”
  • We may ask for verification that you bought a premium module if the problem is in there.  We take care of our all customers, but want to make sure that you get the right product updates.
  • We will fix critical issues as quickly as we can.  But that information thing is kind of critical for us to do it.  The faster we get the right info, the faster we can find and fix the issue.
  • We will listen to any suggestions or feature requests you have for the plugin.  You’re the one using it, and you know a lot of about what you want/don’t want.  We love to hear about that.  It helps us make the product better and more useful for everyone.
  • We may do custom work on the plugin, but we limit that to features that would be useful to the general community.  We don’t maintain separate branches, so any custom work has to be something that could stand in the main plugin after we’re done.  That’s great for YOU because upgrades are much easier later on!  Contact us about a project you might have and we’ll give you a quote.


What We Will NOT Do

  • We won’t ignore you.  If you didn’t get a response, you might (politely) try it again via the Contact form or email.  Sometimes the Internet is a flaky place and things just don’t end up where they belong.
  • We may not respond instantly to your email or forum post.  You don’t need to repost it multiple times, or resend it via the contact form, support email, carrier pigeon and telegraph.  Give us a little time to respond.  Remember, we have great ways for you to help yourself too while waiting.
  • We don’t give away the premium modules, so please don’t ask.  If your boss came to you asking for a few “free Saturdays worth of work”, what would you say to that?  We feel the same way.
  • We don’t usually respond to support requests during the weekend.  I have a family consisting of a beautiful wife, three daughters and they get my full attention on the weekends, along with household chores and errands.  I need a break from work, just like you do.  I have excellent response times during the week–I get rave reviews for support.  While you may get slower response times on the weekend, I can guarantee that you’ll always reach ME when you do get a response.  The buck stops here.
  • We don’t do custom site installations or modifications.  There aren’t enough hours in the day to support the plugin, fix bugs and add new features if we started offering that.  There are other great developers out in the world that ARE willing to do this.  oDesk is a great place to find them.
  • We may not implement your feature suggestion right away.  One developer, 24 hours in the day, and a long list of features to build, all of which are high priority (to someone!), means that eventually, folks have to wait.  Sorry about that.
  • We don’t do work for free.  We have to eat too.  Asking us to put in a major new feature for a “small donation” is bad karma.  If this is mission critical for you, it’s probably worth some money too.
  • We won’t just fix it for you.  There are some things you do need to do and we’ll try to provide clear instructions to get something working, but you still have to do it.  Please don’t give us credentials to your site and say “just go fix this please.”
  • We don’t appreciate threats, unkind words, demands for immediate fixes, or just acting like a jerk.  Being rude is just bad karma and it’s not helping make it faster.