Business Directory Plugin Features

Complete control over the fields you want in the directory.

Business Directory allows you to configure the fields however you like–add new ones, change the labels of existing ones, alter the type (checkbox, drop-down, text field).  Change the display order.  You’re 100% in charge of the look and feel.




Template based display system

Configure the display of your directory however you like, matching your theme perfectly. Uses the WordPress template system to allow theme-based overrides for each screen in Business Directory. Generic templates give you a head start, plus we have detailed customization documentation to help you the rest of the way.

Charge Fees for submissions…or not.

You can charge a fee to create business listings for better revenue or allow free posting to increase user interaction.

Fees for the entire site or category-specific fees, your choice.

Charge more for certain “premium” categories or have a one fee to list in your directory.  Or no fee at all.  Combine category-specific and general fees, mix free and paid–whatever you want.  Any combination works with Business Directory.  We’re as flexible as you need us to be.




Control which users can post listings

You can allow only registered users to post or remove the Submit Listing button entirely to post only when you want.

Automatic renewals

With a payment gateway integrated, your users will get notified of expired listings and be asked to renew via email.  Great way to keep engagement from your user base.

Allow images on listings.  Allow paying users to put more images on listings.

Users can control what they upload, set the preferred thumbnail on their listing.  You can control how many images they upload, per fee plan or for the entire site.

Offer Sticky (Featured) listings as an upgrade for better visibility

Sticky/Featured listings allow business listings better visibility by displaying at the top of search results, categories and the general listing.  Great way to increase revenue on your site and get more exposure for your users.



User can edit listing without going to WP Dashboard

Easy editing for users means less support time for you.

All Listings editable by the Admin, for complete control.

You can also edit all user listings from the Admin dashboard as well.

Built-in contact AND comment form that can be activated or deactivated as desired

Users can contact the business listing directly if you like.  You can also activate comments for listings as well, making a Yelp-like directory where users can comment on businesses.

Contact form reCAPTCHA ready, just add your reCAPTCHA public and private key

reCAPTCHA is the gold standard for keeping spam bots out of your site.  You can activate it directly for Business Directory with a simple API key addition.




Three supported major billing gateways to accept payments

Comes with Google Checkout by default.  You can purchase PayPal and 2Checkout as separate modules as well.

Google Maps integration

Allow users to display their physical location using Google Maps and their address field using the new Google Maps Module. Display listings from search results, categories, the directory as a whole, or individual listings. Now with custom map sizes!

Ratings for listings

The final piece to a Yelp clone–comments + ratings allows you to be a review site for contractors, businesses and providers. Excellent way to drive traffic using the new Ratings Module. Supports Microformats so the ratings will display in Google search results!

Region Control for your listings (NEW!)

Allows people to find listings that are local to them. Input a city, state, or country and filter your directory listings to only those that match, using the new Regions Module.

Category Images (NEW!)

Show pictures for your categories on the main page, not just text using Enhanced Categories Module. Also supports advanced category definition and navigation (Parent/Child categories that populate on selection).

PDF Uploads (NEW!)

Have the ability to receive quotes or orders via PDF files using File Uploads module.

Restricted Features per Payment Level (NEW!)

The ability to have custom forms per payment level, restrict access to features like Google Maps and Ratings to only certain listings using the new Featured Levels module.

Location Based Searches (ZIP search) (NEW!)

Search for listings within X miles or kilometers using the new ZIP Search Module. Works great with either Regions (Location Filtering) or Google Maps (location display).

AND…Coming Soon:

Claim Listings

Define local business listings and then allow users to come and “claim” their listing for future management.

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