WP Business Directory Manager comes with Google Checkout by default. To charge for listings to be submitted to your directory you need to check the box next to Turn on payments? You’ll find Turn on payments? under Manage Options. Once you’ve turned on Payments you then need to click Manage Fees to setup your payment fees.

You can assign fees on a per category basis.

You need to provide your Google Checkout merchant ID. You enter this into the Google Checkout Merchant ID box. If you will want to run some test ads first before going live then check the box next to Put payment gateways in test mode.

For sandbox testing you will also need a Google Checkout sandbox seller ID which you enter into the Google Checkout Sandbox Seller ID box.

Note that you can also use PayPal and/or 2Checkout to process your payments. PayPal and 2Checkout modules are available for purchase.

Once you have provided all the needed IDs and checked the necessary boxes you can begin to accept payments for submitted listings. Of course, you should already have setup your directory categories under Dashboard->Posts->Categories and assigned them to WP Business Directory Manager by filling in the IDs under Directory Category IDs.

Useful Information for using WP Business Directory Manager’s Manage Paid Listings options.

Google checkout does not pass back data to the system. Verify Google Checkout payments by matching the post’s ID to the listing ID referenced in the order description text in your Google Checkout records.

If you have the PayPal gateway module installed:

Verify PayPal payments by matching the buyer email or the buyer first and last name to the information in your PayPal records.

If you have the 2Checkout module installed:

Verify 2Checkout payments by matching the buyer email to the email information in your 2Checkout records.

Flag Information

amountmismatch means that the amount paid by the buyer did not match any of the listing fee amounts set under Manage Fees

bizemailmismatchmeans that the payment address to which the fee was sent does not match the email address you have listed as your payment business email under Manage Options

Points to Note:

  • Only PayPal payments will have flags
  • Setting an ad as “Not Paid” means you did not receive payment for the ad so it needs to be removed from the paid listings manager.