Google Maps Module

Help your site users find your listed businesses more quickly. When users get relevant information, like local maps to businesses, they spend more time on your site. More time = more interaction and more money to you.

This module allows your businesses that list in Business Directory to have a Google Map for their address. You can map the address fields from any field you’ve added in the Manage Form Fields section. You can also choose the map type (satellite, hybrid, terrain, street view) and the size of the map, as well as markers to display.

Version 3.6 adds the ability to provide directions for users to a location, as well as using Latitude/Longitude to locate listings. You can even manually place listings on a physical map if the address isn’t correctly located by Google. Version 3.6 also supports full responsiveness in a mobile-friendly theme.

Here’s what a listing looks like with Google Maps installed (Small Map Size, Roadmap Type):

This module requires version 3.6 of Business Directory Plugin or higher.

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