Discount Codes

The Discount codes module allows you to offer reduced costs on plans (paid listings) as a way to promote your directory and get more users buying listings. Discount codes can be used in a number of ways:

  • Discounts can be a fixed value or a percentage of the order’s total.
  • Discount codes can be applied to any purchase during the checkout process (listing submit, upgrade, etc.).
  • Discount codes can be restricted to a maximum number of redemptions or a limited date.
  • Discount codes can be limit to certain users only.


Follow the installation steps to get started.

  • Make sure you have the discounts system enabled. The setting is located inside Directory → Settings → Payment, scroll towards the bottom and you'll find:Enable Discounts

Managing Discount codes

When Discount Codes is enabled, a new menu item appears under Directory → Directory Content → Discount Codes.

On this screen, you can see a list of all discount codes and information about them (# of redemptions, expiration date, etc.) and some filtering options on top.

Manage Discounts Screen

You can also edit or add new discount codes. Each of the options and fields available to discount codes are discussed in the following section.

Adding or editing discount codes

When adding a new discount (via the Add Discount button on the previous screen) or editing an existent discount, the following options/fields are available to you:

Discount Form View

  • Discount Code — An alphanumeric string that identifies the discount code.
  • Discount Type — Whether the discount is a fixed value or a percentage of the order’s total.
  • Discount Amount — The value of the discount (either as a fixed value or a percentage, according to the previous
  • Description — A description of the discount code. This field is never shown to users. You can use it for admin
    purposes or to add notes relevant to the discount code.
  • Enabled? — Whether the discount is currently enabled to users or not.
  • Expiration Date — (Optional) On this date, the discount code will stop working.
  • Total redemptions allowed — (Optional) Once the discount has been redeemed this number of times, it will stop
  • Redemption limit per user — (Optional) Limit for same-user use of the discount.
  • Limit discount to certain users… — (Optional) A list of usernames that are allowed to use the discount code.
IMPORTANT: The Discount Codes module doesn’t have a way of advertising, distributing, or sending the discount codes to users. You’ll need to send the codes via email or some other social media channel to make your users aware of them. Alternatively, you can promote them on your own site.

Payment workflow

When the discount system is enabled, a discount code field appears to users during the checkout process (listing submit, listing upgrade, listing claim, etc.). This allows users to apply a discount code to their purchase up to one discount code per purchase and always subject to the specific restrictions of the code (see above).

Discount Checkout

When a discount code is successfully applied, the user still needs to pay for the remaining amount (if any), to complete the checkout process.

Discount Checkout

NOTE: Discount codes can be used for recurring payment types but only for the first payment. Users will still put billing information on file and subscribe to the recurring information when they sign up. 

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