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Stripe Payment Gateway

Install Stripe Payments

  1. If you haven't already done so, install and activate Business Directory Premium.
  2. In your WordPress admin, go to Directory → Modules and click the Activate button for the WordPress Stripe plugin.

Connect to Stripe

  1. Install the Stripe Gateway module
  2. Go to Directory → Settings → Payment → Stripe
  3. Click on the Stripe sub-tab
  4. Toggle on Enable Stripe?
  5. Enter your Live API keys from the Stripe account information
  6. (Optional, but recommended) Enter your Test API keys from the Stripe account information
  7. (Optional, but recommended) Put the payment gateways in test mode. Uncheck this when done testing!
  8. Save settings

If you would like to use recurring subscriptions or refund payments from stripe.com, your site will need to receive notifications from Stripe.
To enable these notifications, go to your Stripe Account → Developers → Webhooks page, and click the +Add endpoint button.

stripe webhook setup
  1. In the Endpoint URL field, add the link shown at the top of your Directory → Settings → Payments → Stripe tab. The link will look like this:
    add an endpoint in stripe

  2. Make sure Listen to is set to Events on your account
  3. Select to receive all events. If the “receive all events” option is not available, click the “Clear” link and the option will appear again.
Add Stripe webhook

Set up Payments

  1. Go to the Directory → Settings → Payments page. Change currency display options, and turn on the abandoned cart emails, if desired.
  2. Create one or more Plans
  3. You’re ready to test payments. Logout as Administrator and attempt to place a listing. Verify that it goes through.
    Payments will not be taken if you are logged in as the administrator!
IMPORTANT: Once you’re done testing, be sure to Uncheck “Put gateways in test mode” so you can accept real payments.

Stripe settings

Once correctly configured, your payment options and Stripe configuration will look like this (production mode):

stripe license key settings

TEST Secret KeyRequired. You’ll find the value for this key in your Stripe dashboard. It is used by the module to communicate with your Stripe account. Do not share this key with anyone.

TEST Publishable KeyRequired. Same as above.

LIVE Secret KeyRequired. Same as above.

LIVE Publishable KeyRequired. Same as above.

stripe setup

Verify billing address during checkout?  This option turns on a stronger version of Stripe's fraud protection for you.  It will require the user to enter a billing address for their credit card, and this must match the user's credit card details.  Use this if you're concerned about fraudulent transactions made on your site.

Other payment settings

In addition to the Stripe-specific settings, you will have additional settings like this under the Payment → General settings sub-tab:

payment setup

By default, Put payment gateways in test mode is enabled. When you are ready to take live payments please toggle this button off.

payment settings

The remaining settings including CurrencyInclude plan description in receipt, and Thank you for your payment message are left up to you, depending on your preferences and needs.

— Premium Feature —

If you have the Discount Codes module installed, you can activate whether to allow discounts for listing purchases here as well.

activate discount codes

Also for those users with a premium plan, you can configure payment reminders for those who attempted to place a listing, but never completed the process (“Abandoned Cart Emails”):

cart abandonment setup

Now you should be ready to receive payments via Stripe!

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