Payments Tab

The Payments tab is where you will handle the configuration of all general payment settings, including your Payment gateway which will handle the collection of payments made with the directory.

Business Directory Plugin comes with one gateway integrated ( but supports a number of others.  They include:

General Settings

The generic payment settings can be found under the Payment → General settings tab:

Put Payment Gateways in test mode

Check this to test your directory's full workflow from start to finish using the test mode of your preferred gateway.  Using this mode requires that you configure the appropriate test keys in your gateway as well.  See the specific settings of your gateway from the top of this page to know what those are

WARNING:  Be sure to DISABLE test mode when you're done–otherwise you will not be able to accept “real” payments on your directory.


The settings including currency code and currency code placement are left up to you, depending on your preferences and needs. You can select from one of the currencies from the dropdown, or select Custom to use a currency that isn't already included. In this case, you'll be able to add a currency code, symbol, and where that symbol should be displayed.

IMPORTANT:  Certain currency codes are only available with certain payment gateways–the most notable being the South African ZAR and PayFast.  Only PayFast supports the ZAR currency at this time–the other gateways do not.  Similarly, not all gateways support all currencies (and some gateways don't support common currencies, like the Indian Rupee (INR) at all).  These are limitations in the gateways and not a bug in Business Directory Plugin.

Thank you for payment message

This text will appear on the screen after the user successfully completes a payment for a listing.  You can alter it here.

The last option (Enable Discount System) is only available when you have the Discount Codes module installed. If you wish to offer coupons to users when placing a listing, you must turn this setting on before adding coupons under Directory → Manage Coupons.


— Premium Feature —
list abandonment settings

Ask users to come back for abandoned payments
Check this setting if you'd like BD to try and send emails to users who start a listing, but fail to pay for it.  A listing is considered abandoned if the user submits the data for a listing but fails to complete payment after 24 hours.  You can send any number of emails in sequence for users to come back (they are configured under the Emails tab, and there's a link on this page that allows you to navigate there easily).

Listing abandonment threshold
The time (in hours) when you consider a listing that has not been paid for but has data to be “Abandoned”.  Default is 24 hours.  This setting is only active when you check the previous setting (Ask users to come back for abandoned payments).

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