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Customize the format of the address used for Google Maps. The easiest way to customize this is in the Tooltip content option in the settings. Use this hook if you need extra customization, or would like different listings to use different formats.


add_filter( 'wpbdp_address_format', 'change_bd_map_address_format', 10, 2 );


  • $address_format (string) Default is ‘[address], [city], [state] [zip] [country]'
  • $atts (array)
    • $atts['listing_id'] (int) The ID of the listing to display.
    • $atts['pretty'] (bool) This is true when the address is displayed, and false when used to locate the address on the map.


There are currently no examples for this hook.

Change Log

Added in version 5.2

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