Google Maps

Google Maps


This hook allows you to replace the numbered cluster icons with your own in the Google Maps plugin. The default path is "plugins/business-directory-googlemaps/resources/marker-clusterer/markers/m". This points to multiple files in that folder: m1.png, m2.png, m3.png, m4.png, and m5.png. When this hook is used, you must have images for each of the 5 levels. These images do not include any numbers. The numbers are added automatically by Google Maps.


Customize the format of the address used for Google Maps. The easiest way to customize this is in the Tooltip content option in the settings. Use this hook if you need extra customization, or would like different listings to use different formats.


The Google Maps API offers the option to create maps and styles. When a map with a style is created there, you can use the ID to apply the style to the maps on your site.


By default, the map is shown. Use this hook to hide the map on some listings.


Change any locations that have been prepared to show on the map. This hook runs right before the PHP is sent to the javascript that creates the map.


This hook allows you to customize pretty much anything about the way the map is displayed: size, styling, map type, and more. In this example from the Google Map docs, mapOptions is the value that this hook can customize.
var mapOptions = {
  zoom: 8,
  center: myLatlng,
  mapTypeId: 'satellite'
var map = new google.maps.Map(document.getElementById('map'), mapOptions);