Directory Page

The Directory Page is the main entry point into the Business Directory itself. From here, you can search, view all listings, add a listing, or simply browse the directory by category.

Here is a sample picture of the directory (shown with optional modules enabled):

At the top, you see these buttons: Add Listing, View Listings, along with a search field, search button and Advanced Search link.

  • Clicking on View Listings will take you to the List view page. This is where you can browse the listings by the sort order determined in the Directory → Settings area.
  • Clicking on a category name below the buttons Category view page for that category. You will see listings filtered for only that category.
  • You can enter keywords in the search field and click Search, which will look for titles and descriptions that match the keywords entered. Or clicking Advanced Search will take you to Search page where you can do more refined searches
  • Clicking the Add Listing button will take you Add Listing page, where you can enter the details to post a new listing.

These options can be shown or hidden, depending on the settings you have under Directory → Settings → Listings tab.

You can also click on markers shown on the optional Google Map and these will take you directly to the listing at that location. You can also do some basic sorting if the ratings module is installed by clicking on the rating value/count links above the listings.

The “Displaying all listings” area is enabled when you have the Regions Module installed. This allows you to also filter the listings shown by location (city/state/province/etc).

Fields that are marked to display “In Excerpt” are fields that will show up for each listing here. Fields marked “In Listing” or have the option checked “Include this field in the search form?” will not show up on this page.

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