Add Listing Page

The Add Listing workflow includes pages that will show or hide depending on the settings. At the end of collecting all data for a listing, we will direct the user to complete payment on the gateway you have installed and they have chosen, if the listing is paid (free listings do not have this final redirect step).

The Add Listing page is accessed when you click the Add Listing button, which you can see on the demo here.

The new Add Listing screen looks like this (yours may appear differently if you don't have all modules installed)

Category & Plan Selection section

This section is where you select one or more categories for your listing. It will be hidden if there is only one category and only one plan available.

Once you pick a category, you can then select from available plans that are showing for that category.

You must pick at least one category before you will see plans. The reason for this is that plans are tied to categories and we only show the plans that are relevant to the category you've selected. This makes it easier for your users to pick the “right plan” for their listings.

Here's what the plan selection looks like when a category has been chosen, but a plan has not:

Once BOTH have been picked, this section changes to this:

You can change the plan or category by clicking the link in the lower right corner Change Category/plan.

Listing Information section (always visible)

This section is where you fill out the main details for your listing, including any custom fields you've defined under Directory → Directory Content → Form Fields. Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*). You can change whether a field is required or not on that page.

Listing Images section (only visible if a listing is allowed to submit images)

If you allow users to attach images to listings, they can manage that under this section. It looks like this:

You can drag and drop images from your local computer in the box labeled Upload Images, or you can click on Select images link to start the upload process. The user's image restrictions are shown on the right side of the upload box. These can be configured under Directory → Settings → Appearance → Image.

As the user uploads images, they will appear in above the “Upload Images” box and can be deleted, or made the “primary image” (the one shown on the list view and the first one in the detail view).

Listing Attachments section (only visible if you have the Attachments module installed)

The Attachments section is only visible if you have Attachments module installed. If you do, then you will have these options available:

Start by clicking the “Browse” button to locate a file on your local computer to upload. The attachment limitations are shown on the right, similar to the image upload section. You can enter an optional description to show under the file name. When you're done, click Upload File and the attachment will be uploaded to the directory.

The attachment limits can be configured under Directory → Settings → Attachments.

NOTE: New listings may be submitted and require administrator approval, based on the settings you configure under Directory → Settings → Listings. If your users can’t see their listings right away, this may be the reason.
NOTE: When you are logged in as Administrator, you will NOT be asked to pay for a listing, ever. Administrators will always be able to place listings without payment so if you are placing listings on “behalf of others”, you will not be able to take a payment through Business Directory. Only listings submitted by the users can be paid by them through BD. If you need to create listings for others, we recommend using PayPal or something similar to accept manual payments.

Fields that are marked to display “In Listing” are fields that will show up for data entry in Submit Listing. Fields marked In Excerpt or have the option checked Include this field in the search form? have no effect on what displays on this page.

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