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The Directory → Settings section is where all of the key Business Directory configuration options are entered, edited and maintained. You will spend some time learning about all of the options available, as BD is highly configurable and lots of options are available to control what you users can see and do.

The Settings are comprised in the following sidebar that is visible on the left once you click Directory → Settings. It looks like this when you first install the plugin:

Or if you have one or more modules installed, they will be included in the sidebar menu.

You can configure the following options from here:

At the top of the screen, there is a “Reset Defaults” button.  If you click that, it will reset all settings in BD to the default when the plugin was first installed.  You should only use this option if you are certain that you want to reset EVERYTHING for the directory.  Reset Defaults will not remove license keys.  They are always kept around no matter what (you can manually deactivate them if needed).

IMPORTANT::  Your listings will not be lost doing a Reset Defaults action, however, you should be aware that changing the settings back to default may remove fields that you previously used in them.  Use this option CAREFULLY and only when you want to reset everything.  This action cannot be undone!

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